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Tips From Successful Gamblers

Finding the Right Ratio

A slight edge in odds value is a big gain in the long run. Thanks to simple mathematical calculations, you can easily see that even hundredths of an odds can bring in impressive money.


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Intuition and omens are never trusted by professional gamblers, at the very least they attempt to calculate them. If a player trusts his feelings, he wouldn’t understand the distinction between 1.4 and 1.8 odds, as previously said, and odds are an important factor in profit for a professional gambler. A skilled gambler will instead estimate the percentage likelihood of an athlete or team winning as a percentage.

There are a number of probability estimation methods. For example, looking at bookmakers’ lines for previous competitions and drawing certain conclusions with the most recent news on future ones. Others predict odds by calculating how many times out of ten an athlete wins, for example. This is a difficult process that requires talent. Whatever method you choose, the main thing is practice.

Profitable Positions

After choosing a match, it is necessary to make a profitable bet. You should remember that the professionalism of a player does not mean you want to win today, but you want to make a profit in the long run. Many players bet on an event that has the highest probability, but such a bet will not bring additional profit.

To determine a profitable bet, it is necessary to estimate the probability of each event and compare the expectation, which is calculated as the product of the probability and the odds.

Betting Accounting

Betting Accounting

Counting bets is an extremely useful and effective activity. It allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of players and learn the necessary conclusions: for example, that it is possible (but difficult) to play ultra-low odds, that net wins are more profitable than plus forms, and that soccer is a drain. Betting records are usually kept in Excel, or you can download a special program for players.

Risk Control

It’s true that winning is simple. After learning about the facts, it’s not hard to pick the games. Bookmaker offices are similar to casinos in most cases; they don’t close since gamblers do not take their chances seriously and believe that you can win many times without losing any more money than one – there is no money to win back. That is why a self-respecting gambler should carefully calculate risks or at least evaluate them, i.e., he should not wager more than he can afford to lose.

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